July 17, 2020

Covid-19 Claims

We’ve all been through the worst of it so far . . . .

But ? ? ?  . . . Is it over ? ? ?

Or . . . has it just begun? ? ?

As a direct result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) a new era of law, claims and litigation is coming because you have read about it, heard about it and litigation has just commenced about it…. Are you ready for it?

Because of just what the very nature of these claims are and what they will allege, West Coast Casualty has been ready for them for the past 32 years. While many of you know us for our vast experience in construction defect claims, transportation losses, entertainment, commercial bus and truck losses, slip and fall, product claims, errors and omissions losses, mediation skills and a whole lot more, we have the knowledge and most importantly the experience to answer the investigative needs of the coverage, liability and damage aspects of the COVID 19 claims that will be coming.

Consider this . . . . . The Covid-19 claims are sure to allege the following types of claims because we are already seeing many . . . and these are just a few of the many that are sure to come:

  • Alleged coverage for business interruption losses, claims against insurers, and brokers,
  • Alleged whistleblower retaliation,
  • Alleged overtime/hazard violations,
  • Alleged “Failure to Warn” claims,
  • Alleged failing to “provide a safe place to work” claims
  • Alleged failure to provide appropriate PPE claims,
  • Alleged COVID-19 “exposure” matters not alleged previously to landlords and property managers, hotels, offices, public spaces, et al.,
  • Alleged violation of privacy due to COVID-19
  • Alleged damage to reputation due to COVID-19
  • Alleged Failure to Test/Demand to test issues,
  • Alleged “Mask” violations,
  • Alleged “Opening to Early/Failure to Properly Prepare” claims,
  • Alleged “wrongful death claims” injury claims against nursing homes, long term healthcare facilities,
  • Alleged third party over actions resulting from Covid-19 claims,
  • Alleged wrongful termination claims by those threatened with termination if they discussed anything related to a COVID-19 infection at employer facilities,
  • Alleged Bad Faith claims for wrongful denial of COVID-19 claims,
  • Alleged failure for businesses to take the necessary safety measures to protect their employees, visitors, vendors, etc. from COVID-19 exposure,
  • Alleged medical/legal causation issues from COVID-19 exposure,
  • . . . . And newly developed theories of law just being tested

Come On . . .  Let’s be honest . . . . you have been in this business long enough to know that the onslaught of COVID-19 claims are coming . . . just because the draw of money is there! ! !

We’ll work directly with you, your coverage counsel and/or your defense counsel in investigating these claims in a time efficient cost effect manner to help you reduce costs and expenses associated with these claims.

Many of these claims are developing as a direct result of huge jury awards as well as recent development of case law across the country in this specialized arena of claims and litigation.

Are You Ready to Address These Losses?  . . . . Because We Are . . . .

As They Come to You,  . . . Think of Us . . . Remember Us . . . 

You’ll be glad you did

“We Speak the Language of Claims”

We’re Here . . . We’re Ready . . . and We’re Equipped . . . to Help.

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